A new tale by Grace d’Otare

Erotica author Grace d’Otare is back with another sexy fantasy that tweaks a traditional fairy tale.

Grace again employs her narrators Maeve and Devlin to delve into erotic storytelling to enhance their pleasure and bare their hearts.

Every passion satisfied.

The Mermaid’s Tale

Alex, David and Lorie are ensnared in more ways than one. Trapped in the hidden passageways of an old French theater, the trio spend the night hiding from enemy soldiers who suspect them of being spies. The sexy theater owners and their star attraction are also caught in a whirlpool of secrets, lust and love.

Can they trust each other with their innermost desires?

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Here’s an excerpt of “The Mermaid’s Tale”:

Lorelei’s eyes flew open, straining to see what she felt.

Alex had a hand on each breast, teasing her nipples.

And a hand on her face, stroking her jaw, her cheek, her mouth.

Another hand began to pet her head. Lips pressed into her hair.

It was so magical, so unexpected, she hardly knew how to sort the sensations. Her mind couldn’t separate all the little touches, all the different places her body was being brushed and pinched and stroked. How many hands did she feel in the darkness?

Her mind slowly recognized what her body already knew … David was awake. And he was with them.

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